Stephen Houlahan, a new voice for Santee City Council

I am compelled to serve – not for personal gain, but to protect my hometown city that I love.  Santee has changed drastically during my lifetime.  In many ways progress has been positive.  We have added quality housing, a Town Center and river parks while largely maintaining views of our golden hills with a small town setting.

Recently however, high-density development has accelerated without including traffic solutions.

Today, Santee is at a crossroads.  We must decide whether to maintain our friendly small town setting or succumb to unbalanced high-density development of our scenic views.

I pledge to protect the community of Santee from over-development without adequate infrastructure.  New, homegrown, non-conflicted leadership is required to provide a check and balance to a status-quo that would allow overpopulation, traffic, crime, and the loss of our community values.

I will use my MBA to ensure the city maintains a sound fiscally conservative foundation.  I grew up in Santee. I’m raising a family here. Like most of you, my wife and I must drive over SR-52. I pledge that our residents will come before the profits of “out-of-town” corporate developers.

Homegrown leadership with hometown values placing residents first!